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​​To play safely in the sea of Okinawa Prefecture

Refrain from acting alone, act with friends

In the event of an emergency, if you act alone, there is a possibility that the request for help will be delayed. Avoid going into the sea alone, and be prepared to help each other in case of emergency.

Learn basic techniques to enjoy safely

There are cases of accidents such as being hit by shallow water while surfing and being injured, or being swept away by waves. Especially for beginners, let's enjoy it after learning the basic skills at school classes.

ensure effective means of communication at sea

In the unlikely event that you are swept away or injured, rescue will be delayed if there is no means of communication. Turn on location information on your smartphone and put it in a waterproof pack and carry it with you.

Check the weather and sea conditions in advance and do not overdo it

Be sure to check weather and sea conditions before heading out to sea. Some people aim to surf when the waves are big before and after a typhoon, but it is dangerous. Enjoy it without overdoing it.

Even when surfing, there is a danger of being hit by stormy weather due to insufficient confirmation of weather and sea conditions, or being injured due to carelessness. It is common to see surfers aiming for big waves, but it can be dangerous if you are a beginner or in a new place.

​Surfing Tips

Tips for enjoying marine leisure safely

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