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​​To play safely in the sea of Okinawa Prefecture

Refrain from traveling alone and use multiple canoes

If you are swept away or capsized and can't get back up, traveling alone may delay calling for help. Be sure to travel in multiple canoes.

Equip yourself with the basic skills necessary in the event of a capsize

The canoe may capsize due to deterioration of weather and sea conditions or lack of technology. Let's learn the skills of self-rescue after capsize in advance at the training held by the canoe organization.

ensure effective means of communication at sea

In the unlikely event that you are swept away, rescue will be delayed if there is no means of communication. Turn on location information on your smartphone and put it in a waterproof pack and carry it with you.

Check weather and sea conditions in advance

Be sure to check weather and sea conditions before heading out to sea. If there is a possibility that the waves will suddenly rise or the wind will become strong, change your plans or cancel your trip.

Accidents such as shipwrecks have occurred due to severe weather due to insufficient confirmation of weather and sea information, and lack of basic skills. A canoe that moves over the sea also needs to secure a means of communication just in case. Also, be sure to wear a life jacket.

​Knowledge of canoeing

Tips for enjoying marine leisure safely

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