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​​To play safely in the sea of Okinawa Prefecture

​Knowledge of sea bathing

Swimming in the sea is a marine activity that everyone from children to adults can easily enjoy. However, drowning and drifting accidents have occurred due to swimming on unmanaged natural beaches other than beaches, and drinking alcohol.

Swim in controlled beaches with lifeguards and lifeguards

On non-swimming beaches, you won't be able to get help immediately if something goes wrong. Also, there is no swimming net installed, so there is a possibility of encountering dangerous creatures.

Do not drink alcohol while swimming

While enjoying a BBQ at the beach, you may also swim in the sea. However, it is dangerous to drink alcohol and enter the sea. Do not drink alcohol when swimming in the sea.

Do not swim on days with high waves or strong winds

Avoid swimming on days with high waves or strong winds due to typhoons or low pressure. Depending on the weather, swimming may be prohibited at the beach, so be sure to follow the instructions.

Parents should always keep an eye on their children

There are many cases of small children drowning when their guardians take their eyes off them for a moment. “Parents are lifesavers for their children.” Always keep an eye on them. It is safe to wear a life jacket as well. Also, children are more prone to heatstroke than adults, so be prepared to keep yourself well hydrated.


Tips for enjoying marine leisure safely

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