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​​To play safely in the sea of Okinawa Prefecture

do not act alone

Just in case, let's try to act in multiple groups, such as buddy activities (acting in groups of two) and group activities. Also, during snorkeling, always check the number of people in the group and the physical condition of each other.

Enjoy using snorkeling operators

Okinawa Prefecture recommends using a snorkeling company when enjoying snorkeling. Especially for beginners, it is safe to learn the basic skills of snorkeling at the school held by the operator.

Learn how to use basic equipment

During snorkeling, seawater can enter the mask or snorkel, causing panic and accidents. Let's acquire basic skills such as mask clear and snorkel clear. Also, if the life jacket is not properly worn, it will not be effective in an emergency.

Always use the "4-piece set"

When snorkeling, be sure to use the "4-piece set" of mask, fins, snorkel, and life jacket. Also wear a wet suit and rash guard to ensure buoyancy and protect yourself from dangerous sea creatures.

Lack of basic skills can lead to panic and dangerous situations. Use a snorkeling operator and learn the skills to enjoy it safely before enjoying it.

​Tips for snorkeling

Tips for enjoying marine leisure safely

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