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​​To play safely in the sea of Okinawa Prefecture

Refrain from acting alone, act with friends

Refrain from acting alone, act with friends

In the event of an emergency, if you act alone, there is a possibility that the request for help will be delayed. Avoid going into the sea alone, and be prepared to help each other in case of emergency.

ensure effective means of communication at sea

It is essential to have a means of communication in case you are swept away. Turn on location information on your smartphone and put it in a waterproof pack and carry it with you.

Acquire the necessary basic skills before going out to sea

Regarding SUP, in Okinawa there are not only equipment rentals, but also schools. Especially for beginners, it is recommended to take a proper course.

Check weather and sea conditions in advance

Depending on the strength and direction of the wind and the flow of the tide, there is a high possibility that it will be washed away, so be sure to check in advance. SUPs are particularly susceptible to wind, and even a light breeze (about 4 m/s) will blow them away.

In SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board), distress has occurred due to insufficient collection of weather and sea information and lack of skill and experience. It is particularly susceptible to the effects of the wind, and there have been many accidents in which it is swept away by strong winds and cannot be returned. Be sure to wear a life jacket.

​SUP knowledge

Tips for enjoying marine leisure safely

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